Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mademoiselle in London

I was looking today at my polaroid box and I found this picture that I did in London. Lovely, isn't she?!

I booked yesterday a flight ticket to New York!!! I will be there from the 5th until the 12th september but I'm not sure yet where I'm going to stay. (I hope to meet many bloggers during the New York Fashion Week!)

Well, the reason why I'm going to NYC, is to photograph some editorials/tests. (I need something from the U.S. in my portfolio!) Next week I will start looking for models, mua's, hair stylists and some good stylists. Any tips on finding a good location and crew for a shooting??


  1. What a fab. Polaroid, indeed! Love the expiration line running across it.

    Ahh, I wanna go to NYC so bad- I hope you have an amazing time & can't wait to see what you create there!

  2. She looks like a young Ali McGraw, lovely!

  3. her coat was awesomely indeed..:P)

  4. I went to NYC last year end of October for the first time. We spent two weeks in Manhattan and I can't begin to tell you what an incredible, amazing experience it was. We found that it was cheaper, and better value for money to rent a furnished apartment and we found a lovely little spot in Chelsea through NY Habitat. Here's the link......they proved to be very reliable and efficient.

    Anyway, good luck in NY, have a FAB time....and I look forward to seeing some pics:)

  5. Amazing photo, it actually looks like a vintage photograph from the 70s, that coat is fantastic!

    I so wish i could be in nyc for fashion week as well so we could meet up, since we never did when i was in Paris :(

    Hope you're well antonio!


  6. Is that Louise Rowe?
    I can't wait to hit up NY. I hope you're enjoying it!
    strutt mode

  7. so louise roe is mademoiselle?! is the secret out?! this photo is phenomenal. love the style of your blog

    check out mine

  8. The coat is lovely, ideal for wearing in the winter whether it be in New York or London. I think it'll work out cheaper for you if you rent a furnished apartment.