Monday, February 7, 2011

Mademoiselle in Paris

I don't know what to do. I'm feeling so disappointed and upset. All the black & white polaroids I took during the last months, faded away.
The old (original) Polaroid film looks perfect but the new, PX 600 SILVER SHADE UV+ and PX 600 from The Impossible Project lost all the color. I can't believe that I lost all the pictures I took at the beach in Brazil, at the fashion week in New York and Paris.

However, I was cheered up by Danielle Czirmer at the last Couture show from Chanel.
She saw me outside the show, asked if I was Antonio from The Singular and took a picture with me!
This was the first time someone recognized me at the street and I had to take a polaroid of Mme. Czirmer!


  1. Quelle belle photo! Il faut que on se parle. Tu peut faire quelque chose pour conserver tes images!!!!

  2. how i love her style !
    and your blog is always a source of inspiration for me !

  3. love to see a picture on your blog of my daughter living in Paris!!! thank you!!!
    Gabriela Czirmer

  4. ah elle est très mignonne! j'aime bien ces chaussures!

  5. what a heart break! this photo is lovely though

  6. polaroids are lovely :) i like her style

  7. bummer about the polaroids fading..

    that's such a cute picture though :)

  8. i don't comment often but i follow you regularly..
    happy for your 'recognition happiness' ;)

    kissez from croatia..

  9. I love the idea behind you blog it is amazing! love love love love.

    You have a new follower babe :)


  10. You might want to get a polaroid land camera that also take instant pics but will not fade. Fuji makes great film for it and it will be beautiful black and white or color. I am a self proclaimed polaroid snob and it's the only way to go in my book. Love your blog.

  11. i got the same problem with my polaroid films from the Impossible project
    Really sad
    Nice picture though!