Monday, November 9, 2009

Backstage Bernhard Willhelm

This polaroid of the backstage from Bernhard Willhelm S/S 2010 reminds me of the crazy dream I had tonight.
I can't really remember from who the fashion show I dreamed about was and I don't know why I was sitting at the first row. All other seats have been empty, except two, a couple of seats away from me. Anna Wintour was there with her husband waiting for the show to start. It was a very weird menswear collection! A model drove a miniature mustang at the runway and came in our direction. He hit the car against the seats that separated me from Anna Wintour and then he streched his arm with an inflatable baseball bat out of the car window and hit Anna three times in the head! Her hairstyle was all messy! I was speechless and she looked shocked at me.
Anna Wintour complained with the designer (it was a woman!) after the show and I was there just listening...

I'm so tired of my fashion week nightmares! In my dreams I always lose my photography gear, can't go inside the shows or arrive late! Do you have dreams like that too?


  1. Funny dream, perheps, subconsciously you want to see anna's messy hair look.

  2. Ho,ho, just wait - bet someone will incorporate that into their show next season!

  3. Now that's what I call an interesting show. Maybe you should think about a career extension?

  4. Beautiful. Love the prints in this shot. By the way, great dream.

  5. those sweaters are so cool and i love how they are lost in the leaves. <-- two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!


  6. When I started reading your post I thought 'Dream on' but at the end it was more like: 'Hey Antonio, time to wake up!'
    Beautiful, dionysic (?) picture! Sabine x

  7. Thx for following my blog ;)
    and haha...tell me if you find out what it means about the dream;)

  8. LOL "her hair style was all messy"!!!!!

    Hope your nightmares stop, i never remember my dreams, thank god!

    I did go up the Eiffel tower, it was night, it was amazing, it was gorgeous and it was freezing! Next up: arc de triomphe!


  9. all I can say, don't take dreams literally ! Dreams help us to 'digest' all things we've experienced through the day !
    PS I like your dreams, Anna W. with messy hair = fun guaranteed.

  10. Haha, I love the thought of Anna with mussed up hair. Its crazy what random stuff our subconscious can come up with

  11. try to have a lucid dream of everything going fantastically, and in your waking life you'll have more confidence in your waking life