Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Backstage Giambattista Valli

I can't believe I didn't see Mary-Kate Olsen at the show from Giambattista Valli!!!
She would look perfect in a polaroid! But I can't complain! I saw the show (amazing!) and went to the backstage.
I was also for the first time today at Celine and I really liked it but I didn't do any polaroids.

I was so upset that I could not see the YSL show. I think Stefano Pilati was not so impressed with the masterpiece I did of him a few days ago. (click here to understand)
Stefano, if you are reading this, please invite me for your next show! I will make another polaroid of you! :)

I was thinking today... I don't know if I should do polaroids of the fashionistas that go to the fashion shows. Hundreds of bloggers and paparazzi stay outside the shows and photograph over and over again the same people. Many of those also just dress up like that because it is fashion week...
I would like to hear your opinion! What should I do?!


  1. Amazing shot! Her dress is awesome! Don't worry! I'm sure you will see next show of YSL! I think it's always cool if you can photograph someone different, that nobody else photographed yet! But if you see someone unique and cool don't take the opportunity from your readers too see the photo, just because someone else photographed him too! I'm sure your polaroid will rock anyway! Hug!

  2. I was thinking about this when I woke up this morning - that now there are so many people hanging around outside shows, that don't have invites, but are there to look at the people. It's actually really strange! It makes it so much more of a circus for one, but to answer your question, Scott Schuman has said a couple of times that he's breaking away from fashion week people and looking elsewhere for shots. But I think if you're AT the show, backstage shots, shots and showing what's going on inside etc are wonderful to see. That's what makes your shots different (and your polaroid of course)

  3. She looks gorgeous-I personally love the mix of street style, behind the scenes and famous vs not famous fashion people. You photos all have a beautiful intimate quality that's quite different.

  4. I love the look of your polaroids and I love the thought of bringing things back to basics in over stylized and digital world. These people dress fabulously for the shows or for themselves and I love the way that you see them. You can always bring more than one camera to take your polaroid and then take another with regular film or with a digital.

  5. i love your blog, it's so unique. the polaroids are just stunning :)

    ♥ Hannah



  6. Oh that polaroid is amazing! So beautiful :)


  7. OMG that dress is fantastic!... so to hear about MK...

  8. I think you could post some fashionistas but only the ones with like really amazing individual style rather than the usual editors & socialites
    Love your blog singular



  9. Stay "singular", the ideea is so original...
    I like your blog as it is!!!

  10. Nice night out fit I like it. She looks gorgeous.

  11. You have a very creative fashion ideas, it’s what I like about your blog. You’re not afraid to write what you really think about what the designers or celebrities are wearing.

  12. Seguro que nos hemos cruzado mil veces esta pasada semana... pero no nos hemos reconocido!
    Cita en Enero en los desfiles Hombre y Alta Costura!

  13. if you think the person is worthy of a polaroid, go for it!